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Like An Arrow

Like An Arrow

Our first episode is entitled "Like An Arrow" and is about twelve hours long. It is a composition taken from the recording of sutra chanting at Zenshinji, Master Engaku Taino's Rinzai Zen Buddhist Temple. The title is taken from the "Kozen Daito Kokushi Yuikai" or "The Last Admonition of Master Kozen Daito," where it is said that time passes like an arrow. Even the unusual duration is inspired by the text of Daito Kokushi: "Be ever mindful, throughout the twelve hours of the day, to apply yourself to the study of the Unthinkable".

The recording of the monks' chanting, along with the drums and ritual bells, has been stretched to a duration of twelve hours, with no other additions than a few isochronic frequencies that should facilitate relaxation in sensitive individuals. This episode can be an interesting tool for those who practice deep meditation sessions or can aid relaxation for those who are bedridden for long periods.

It is recommended that the volume be set to a barely audible level.


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